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Have you ever wondered why you can’t seem to get a man to treat you with the respect you feel you deserve? Have you watched other women who are married to men who adore them and you wish you knew their secret?

A few years ago I was invited to interview a Dominatrix about why she believes men will do anything for her and I was blown away. This conversation led me to explore the motivations behind couples where the woman is the authority and the man supports her in every way.

How do these women get men to treat them like that?

It’s very simple- they allow it.

When I realized how simple this was I started a coaching program to teach women how to do the same. As I coached men and women on developing relationships where the woman’s happiness is the priority and the women ALLOW the men to cater to them and take care of them in every way I was astounded by how many people- thousands- were interested in this concept.

After 3 years of coaching and studying this topic through my blog- LovingFLR.Com, I have now published a guidebook for women who want to take back their lives and learn how to allow a man to protect and provide for them.

This 189 page paperback book is the textbook that I will use for my Loving Female Led Relationship Leadership Coaching Program for Women from now on. It has a study guide with review questions, writing assignments, frequently asked questions and 8 amazing chapters of information that details the attitude that women need in order to become leaders in this world.

This book will wake you up and set you straight!

If you are ready, buy the book and then register for the Coaching Program for ONE MONTH of group coaching with other women who are ready to regain their strength.

Reach out to me if you have any questions.

You can do this!