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I molested a mid age woman booty on the bus and then I shot secret video of her booty and walking booty shaking. At our country women wear our traditional dress long gyi (a sheet of cloth). When women wear it their booty will show as what booty size has. One day when I came back from job I saw a mid age woman with well shaped booty on the bus. She also stood in front of me and my eyes and I could not control myself. I started touching her slowly. I now feel guilty.

The next day I also follow on the bus and when she got off the bus I took a video of her shaking booty. After two days I also took more video of her but I did not molest again. After 2 months my girlfriend caught me with the videos in my phone. What a shame I feel so really, really guilty. But I am not that kind of bad man but my mind’s will broke when I saw her.