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Things like this are supposed to be kept a secret….”

Our goal is to lead our readers from pain to expression to forgiveness to healing and then on to restoration.



AbuseIsNotASecret.Com was created to:

  • Shine the light on abuse happening in dark places
  • Allow abuse victims to share their stories of anguish and pain
  • Allow former abusers to share their stories and seek forgiveness
  • Allow former victims to share stories about their progress and transformations
  • Offer mental health professionals, book authors and energy healers the opportunity to share life changing information, wisdom and techniques for healing
  • Deconstruct the stigma surrounding abuse

Domestic violence, parental abuse, bullying, verbal abuse, financial abuse and self abuse are just a small sampling of the many ways that anger and dissatisfaction are expressed during relationships with others. The majority of those who reveal that they have been abused face the trauma of not being believed or being blamed for causing trouble.

Created in 2014 by Te-Erika Patterson, an award-winning journalist and creator of The Rebuild Your Life Project, AbuseIsNotASecret is a personal mission to help others to remove the stain of shame that surrounds emotional wounds caused by abuse. AbuseIsNotASecret.Com aims to demystify the motivations behind perpetrators of abuse as well as empower recipients of abuse to feel heard, heal and to rebuild their lives.

AbuseIsNotASecret.Com is the home to the largest network of abuse survivors and reformists. Former abusers join abuse victims in sharing stories of healing, forgiveness and transformation. Leading spiritual healers, therapists, activists, community and business leaders share original videos, words of encouragement and advice for stepping beyond the pain.

Please do join us as we launch this brave endeavor by contributing your stories of abuse, healing and forgiveness, volunteering to take appointments to listen to our wounded brothers and sisters who need a witness to their wound or by sponsoring this site to keep this cause flourishing.