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If you are dealing with a painful history of abuse or trauma, let me first tell you that it is healable. Just like every other experience that becomes encoded in our cells, it is simply energy. Gnarly, jagged, painful energy yes, but energy nonetheless. And energy can always be transformed. That’s the good news. And if you think that that unhealed energy is not impacting your life, you are sorely mistaken. That’s the bad news.

Let me show you what that looks like. Samantha is a successful attorney in Los Angeles – who’s history of trauma was derailing her life. Yes, she appeared to be successful but behind that facade she had no life – no close friends, no romance, no fun, no travel adventures, no pets to cuddle. She didn’t even have a house plant. Clearly smart and accomplished, she showed up in my office looking immaculate. But behind the impeccably tailored suit and the classic strand of pearls, there was a wariness in Samantha’s eyes. When I asked her why she was here, she gave me a vague “just stress and insomnia” response.

plasma-389438_640As a provider of energy medicine I use energy as a vibrational force that I can feel coming through my hands. I use my energy to impact the energy of those I come into contact with, to heal and to shift their emotions. I can also feel and read the energy around the person – and describe it very specifically to them – fearful, guilty, depressed, etc. And I can break it down even more – for example, a new client showed up yesterday and her energy was apologetic towards her kids so they’re walking all over her and the energy around her work (she’s an artist) was also apologetic and fearful of judgement and criticism. The energy that comes through my hands to heal comes from God or the Universe, whatever you want to call that something that is far greater than us. As far as how is it created? Well, the energy from God or Source has always existed and always will. The energy of the client has also always existed but they play the primary role in the nature of the energy – is it healthy and happy or not?

Samantha made herself comfortable on my healing table – or as comfortable as someone pretending to be comfortable can get. Before I came in contact with Samantha’s energy, it was fearful and shameful and trapped. As I scanned her body with my right hand I heard clearly “Assault, fear, not safe”. In an instant, I knew what I was dealing with. I saw in a flash that Samantha had been sexually assaulted some years before – it felt like something between 5 and 8 years previously.

Since then she was trapped in a jail of fear and shame. I didn’t need to know the details of the attack to know that there was no peace – let alone vitality in Samantha; that her strategy was to work herself into the ground and ignore the gnawing anxiety and shame. This worked beautifully for her law firm: she routinely put in more hours than anyone else and never complained.

But now it was no longer working for Samantha. Her Spirit had stopped nudging and started screaming at her to heal – hence the anxiety and insomnia.

After the healing session, I brought Samantha back from the theta state. She looked dazed but peaceful and told me “Wow! I can’t remember ever feeling so relaxed”.

I gave her my feedback on what I’d seen and heard. And, although tears spilled down her face, she was visibly relaxed. She told me that in her final semester at college, she had agreed to go on a date with a handsome medical student. Wowed by his charm, she ignored her instincts when he invited her back to his place. Ladies, I don’t care how cute and charming he is, how prestigious the job offer is, how fat the paycheck, DON’T ignore your intuition. We have a divinely designed built-in Guidance system that will never steer us wrong – but that’s a whole other story.

So back to Samantha. Ignoring her instincts cost her dearly that night. Yes, she was sexually assaulted. And then her shame developed out of the ‘shoulds’ – “I should have left, I should never have gone to his place, I should have listened to my gut, etc”. Samantha had been tormenting herself with the ‘shoulds’ for 6 years, bruising herself in the same place over and over again.

This self-berating, along with the fear that the world is an unsafe place and that men are dangerous were running the show. And wearing down her Spirit.

I had worked on Samantha’s energy to dissolve the trauma and shame. What does this look like? Simply me holding my hands over any areas of the body that were holding the pain of the trauma and feeling the energy flow through my hands into her physical body. As the energy flowed down through her body it soothed her mind and healed the cells which, up until now, had been holding the energy – the cellular memory – of the trauma. When healed, the new cellular memory was exactly what I told her next. Now I needed her to participate in her healing. I held her hands and looked her in the eyes and told her “It happened, It’s over. And you’re safe now.”

Samantha’s shoulders sagged and she sighed. Her big brown eyes lost that wariness and filled with compassion for herself. In less than an hour Samantha healed. A couple of weeks later I received an email from her:

“Thank you for not just giving me my life back but for helping me see what’s possible when it comes to healing. And what I’ve been missing out on! No more!”

That was almost 2 years ago and Samantha is now in a happy and healthy relationship and refusing to work more than “50 hours a week”. Trust me, I tried to get that number down but it’s working for her!

So, regardless of the abuse or trauma you’ve been through, it is healable. It starts with a choice: would you rather live under the shadow of the abuse forever and allow it to define your life by the choices you make or get out from under it and live the life that’s waiting for you?



Francesca Healing AbuseDr. Rossellini is a graduate of the American Institute of Holistic Theology. She holds both Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Metaphysics. Rossellini specializes in healing anxiety disorders, depression, eating disorders, emotional pain and trauma.

For more information about Francesca Rossellini, PhD visit www.FrancescaRossellini.com.