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With the emergence of the digital age a new form of bullying has become even more popular than threats on the playground. According to NoBullying.Com, more than 50 percent of young people report being cyber bullied. Believe it or not, some cyber bullies have no shame when it comes to their actions. Twenty-six-year-old Butrose is one such cyber bully.

Butrose leads a group of cyber bullies he calls Mayhem; their purpose is ‘kiwi’s or laughter at the expense of others. Butrose founded his cyber bully gang many years ago during the early days of Facebook, before groups were available. He and his friends would harass unsuspecting commenters on posts, relentlessly attacking their physical traits and character.

His group has now found a permanent home on Facebook where they gather daily to make fun of celebrities, argue with each other and attack the latest target of destruction. Many people would refer to Mayhem as a roast group but Butrose believes that it is merely a group of friends with a common interest of being willing to take emotional and verbal attacks and deliver them to others. If someone attacks a group member, that person becomes a target for cyber abuse from all group members. A link to the offending person’s online profile is shared within the group and everyone dives in with insults. It is a calculated group effort that even turns within when there is no outside member to attack.

The group is not filled with teenagers and uneducated adults. This group boasts some of the most intelligent and creative members who each have their own following for their creative talents. What brings them together is their ability to be thick-skinned which is what they have to be to maintain their respective leadership roles.

I approached Butrose for an interview to explain why he is a bully and he was extremely receptive, basking in my admiration for his well known skills. He explains how he bullies, why he bullies and what he gains from it.

BULLYANS: How do you bully someone ?

Butrose: Very easily. Look for their weakness and exploit it. Hit’em where it hurts most.

ANS: How do you find their weakness?

Butrose: Either physical or what’s going on in their life. The key is to make them feel bad.

ANS: So you just keep mentioning things until they feel bad? 

Butrose: No, mention it all. Something is bound to hit.

ANS: And what do you do when you find what hits? How do you know when you found it?

Butrose: Keep going. These are obvious answers.

ANS: What are verbal or physical cues you have hurt someone’s feelings?

Butrose: The more defensive they get.

ANS: When do you know when it’s time to stop?

Butrose: Never time to stop. Always keep going.

ANS: What do you get out of it?

Butrose: Joy at their misery.

ANS: Why?

Butrose: Because I’m a horrible person.

ANS: Why are you a horrible person?

Butrose: Because  I just am!

ANS: Do you want to change?

Butrose: Nah.

ANS: Would you feel bad if someone killed themselves?

Butrose: Am I being compensated for my interview?

ANS: I can use your real picture and link to your youtbe channel but this is for my Abuse blog.

Butrose: Sure I love features.

ANS: Last question- What would you do if someone killed themselves over how you treated them?

Butrose: I only bully people who attack me first. I may make jokes to innocent people but they shouldn’t be so sensitive. If someone killed themselves over me then they were gonna do it anyway because they can’t handle reality. But I’d feel bad, especially about going to jail.

ANS: Ok- one more- Who do you choose to attack and why do you choose them? Who is a target?

Butrose: You said those were your last questions. You lied so now my target is going to be you. 

As you can see, Butrose and his friends view bullying as a sport, not to be taken seriously. They seem to do it to get a reaction from a certain person and once they see that they can get a reaction, they enjoy having that power to make them react at their will.

If you want to be a bully, follow these steps. If you have been bullied and don’t understand why, now you do. In my opinion, the best way to overcome the pain of being bullied is to become one. Start by learning how to make fun of others and not be offended when they do the same. Relax and stop trying to be so perfect and good all of the time. You are not completely good. You are not completely perfect. Someone is going to notice it and they are going to point it out. You have to be open to laughing about it or they will ruin your day and possibly your life. It is okay not to be perfect or have a perfect life. It is okay to laugh at others if they are funny looking. It is okay to laugh at yourself if you are funny looking. It is okay to be the butt of the joke sometimes.

You can laugh at someone else’s expense. You can laugh when someone jokes about your bad haircut. Evaluate each statement for it’s comedic value. If someone says something funny, even if it’s about you, then laugh. You take their power away when you can laugh with them instead of crying because of them.