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When it comes to engaging in abusive relationships we tend to believe we are powerless to stop it from continuing on but that is not true. We have ALL the power. In fact, no one can abuse us more than once without our permission. We give them permission to hurt us when we stay. How do you stop the abuse? Check out these 13 ways to end that shit immediately.


Stop loving others more than you love yourself. Your first responsibility is to yourself. You are not doing yourself or the abusive person a favor by taking the hits or the pain. Love yourself enough to walk away if it hurts.

Stop valuing other people’s opinions above your own. Your opinion ALWAYS matters more than anyone else’s. You are capable of leading your own life. You aren’t any of those bad things they said about you. You define who you are. No one else can or should.

Stop giving second chances to people who hurt you. One time is enough. Say No. Leave.

Stop trying to be a savior to people who are hurting. You can’t save or change anyone. You can’t erase their pain. Save yourself.

Stop protecting those who hurt you. Let them live out their karma.

Stop believing that if leave you will never recover from it.  This is not your last chance at love. This is not your last chance at happiness. Your bright future is not tied to this person. You will recover and be better.

Stop wishing things will get better and accept it for what it is today. Wishes are for story books. In this reality, you create what you want to happen. Make a move.

Stop keeping the pain a secret because you are afraid to seem foolish in front of family and friends. Be foolish now. Be happy and safe later.

Stop second guessing if you deserve to be hurt. You don’t.

Stop blaming yourself for an abusers behavior. You don’t deserve it.

Stop depending on others to care for you financially. You can create income for yourself. You are smart enough. Try.

Stop demanding perfection from yourself before you can move on. Just take one step. If you fall, get up and take another one. You aren’t the first person or the last one to take on this challenge. You can do this, right now. Just the way you are.

Stop being a victim. You get to decide how long you hurt over this.