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I am going to help you reclaim your happiness, if you want it.

This is not going to be easy to read. During my time in the BDSM community, the community of people who admit to being sexually aroused by situations and activities that are not deemed normal to popular society, I came across the group of masochists. A masochist is a person who is sexually aroused and satisfied by being hurt. They get into relationships with sadists, people who become sexually aroused and satisfied by hurting others. They are a perfect match because they provide what the other needs.

There are a lot of people who may read this and don’t understand why someone would admit to wanting to be hurt on purpose. These same people have friends and family who always seem to be sad, hanging on to hurtful situations, discussing them over and over and attaching themselves to hurtful people. These people are emotional masochists. Even though they complain about being hurt, they talk about the pain so much and relive the pain so often that they do get an emotional satisfaction from it otherwise they wouldn’t do it.

If you stick your hand in a pot of boiling water, when do you remove it? When it starts to hurt. Do you place in back in there? No. Why not? Because you don’t want to experience pain. But what if you do want to experience pain?

You can spot an emotional masochist when:

  • They can’t stop reliving the pain of things that happened long ago.
  • They won’t stop telling people about the hurtful things that have happened to them.
  • They wouldn’t know what to do if their life started on an uphill path.
  • They feel like things are normal when they are feeling sad.
  • This normal sad feeling overtakes them and they indulge in it for as long as they can.
  • They are only attracted to people who end up hurting them.
  • They continuously look for the bad in everything.
  • They reminisce about the worst situations they have been in.
  • They believe they suffer from depression but they tend to choose to focus on depressing things.
  • They are continuously caught in a tornado of emotional pain.
  • And they secretly like it because they will not stop.

Things are not as bad as they seem. Things are only as bad as you what you allow yourself to focus on. You can zero in on the garbage truck passing by or the rainbow in the sky. The choice is yours.

The thing you decide to focus is gives you the feeling you WANT to feel. Your focus. Your choice.

Don’t blame anyone but yourself.

Take control.